The replacement weather stations is now operational.

There is a period from about 13:30 on 20th March to 14:40 on 21st of March for which there is no data, hence the straight line on the graphs.


This weather station started in October 2012 using a Maplins weather station, which was a clone of a Fine Offset WH1080, and WeeWx software. The original website was based on the Exfoliation skin.

After almost 10 years, the weather station was showing it's age and following the demise of Maplins it was no longer possible to obtain replacement instruments at a reasonable price. A clone of a GW1001 was ordered, and the website was been redeveloped using the latest Raspbian (Buster), the latest WeeWx (4.4.0) and a customised version of the Bootstrap skin. This makes use of Bootstrap CSS Framework to facilitate:

  • Grid-based responsive layout e.g. it should work well on phones and tablets as well as PC screens
  • Tool tips for the menu items in the headings
  • Live Charts for the current conditions

In addition there has been a lot of behind-the-scenes work using the Cheetah Generator's language to automate creating the Navigation menu items, and the buttons for the Index, Week, Month & Year pages. If more pages are added - or pages are removed - this simplifies amending the website's pages.

Current Weather

Temperature 20.4°C
Dewpoint 14.8°C
Humidity 70%
Barometer 1012.6 hPa
Barometer Trend (3 hours) 0.2 hPa
Rain Rate 0.0 mm/h

Station Information

Sunrise: 04:57:32
Sunset: 21:40:07
Latitude: 56° 18.00' N
Longitude: 003° 13.89' W
Altitude: 48 meters
Moon phase: Full (98%)